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Company History

The Hardmetal part of Robustus Wear Components  has its roots in the Sandvik group. The company was spun out from Sandvik and acquired by the staff in 2000. It was subsequently acquired in 2009 by Peter Ehrenheim. The machine tooling of precision parts has its roots in Nordvalls Mekaniska. The business was started by the entrepreneur  Björn Nordvall and has specialized in the machining of complex details in short series. Nordvalls was acquired by Robustus in March 2011 and were integrated into Robustus in the autumn of 2011, when the company moved into common premises at Pappersbruksallen in Örebro. Björn Nordvall is now Director of Sales and Engineering at Robustus.

Our Bussiness Mission

Robustus Wear Components strives to be a good partner for the development, manufacturing and service of components used in very tough applications where wear is a major issue. We create value by helping our customers reduce down time and maintenance cost. Knowledge about hard materials and machining technology as well as flexibility to manufacture in short series are the corner stones of our business.