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Material expertise

Our engineers can offer consultation on how to choose the right material composition depending on applikation. The team has yeard of experience and we also have access to leading academic expertise on tribology.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is a class of hard materials materials very suitable for applikations with wear challenges and high temperatures.  Succes factors for application of tungsten carbide parts to a wear problem are: (i) compound formulation, (ii)mechanical design that is adapted to the unique properties of the material and (iii)last but not least high precision grinding.  

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide:

The material is more than 10 times more wear resistant compared to hardend steel.

Carbide har a very low heat extension factor

Carbide also has excellent thermal conductivity



All these properties makes tungsten carbide well suited for metalforming as weall as heavy duty bearings. Read more about tungsten carbide: About cemented carbide.pdf




PCD is a compound made out a small synthetic diamond particles fused together with cobalt under high pressure. The PCD is in most cases delivered in a thin layer on top of a carbide substrate

Benefits with PCD

PCD surfaces has the benefit of a very low friction in addition to extreme wear resistance. this makes PCD ideal for certain machine tool and measurement applications where you need a reference surface with very tight tolerances in contact with the work piece. PCD is also used for sharpening tools and there is an option to use it in forming tools if friction is an issue.